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City of Beacon Comprehensive Plan Update and Zoning Changes | April 3, 2017

BFJ recently completed an update to the City of Beacon’s Comprehensive Plan, which included a special focus on the Hudson River waterfront and train station area. The Plan’s approach to this key area was to preserve Beacon’s waterfront, leverage the train station for future development opportunities, and better connect the station area to its downtown core. The Plan provides guidance to ensure appropriately scaled development that preserves Hudson River views and complements the City’s historic building pattern. Both the Comprehensive Plan update and recommended zoning changes were adopted on April 3rd, 2017.

BFJ Planning’s involvement in Beacon goes back to 2006, when it led an intensive visioning process, on behalf of the City, to better understand the community’s concerns and priorities as a foundation for preparation of the 2007 Comprehensive Plan. In 2008, the City again retained BFJ to develop a plan and set of strategies to improve linkages among the various travel generators and attractions on the waterfront, Main Street and the train station.

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