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Comprehensive planning and zoning help a community consider its future growth and development in rational ways, by weaving a broad spectrum of conditions into a coherent vision of the future. BFJ’s approach and planning services incorporate extensive community input and strong client involvement, resulting in the most effective planning possible.


Frank Fish, FAICP

Comprehensive Plans

BFJ prepares municipal comprehensive plans, strategic plans, and plans of conservation and development for communities ranging from major cities to small hamlets. BFJ’s guidelines help policymakers and community members make the best decisions to ensure the optimal use of land, affordable housing, efficient transportation, public services, and high environmental standards. BFJ has developed a reputation for efficient project management, an ability to focus on key issues, a successful track record of community collaboration, and a proven track record of preparing implementable community-based plans.

Mount Kisco Comprehensive Plan and Form-Based Zoning  → 

Mount Kisco, New York

Public Engagement

We are community-based planners at heart and are committed to bringing the public into the planning process to ensure our work is well informed and is reflective of local priorities. Outreach plans are tailored to each community we work with. Our multi-faceted approach to outreach includes traditional methods such as public workshops and focus groups and newer tools such as online surveys, interactive mapping, “ideas walls,” in-person real-time electronic polling, and social media. Having a diverse approach allows us to reach people where they are and get the most information as possible from our interactions.

Waterfront Planning

BFJ has developed a national reputation for waterfront planning. The firm has completed more than 20 major waterfront plans including projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Minnesota, as well as China. BFJ has also completed numerous Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRPs) plans in conformance with the requirements of the New York State Department of State.

NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plans  → 

Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Nassau County, New York

Zoning and Form-Based Codes

Zoning is one of the principal means of implementing a community’s comprehensive plan. BFJ has extensive experience preparing and updating zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, historic preservation ordinances, and other land use regulations. The firm also designs land use policies that complement an area’s physical and historic features while ensuring its economic viability.

Review of Downtown Overlay Zone  →

New Rochelle, New York

Affordable Housing Planning Services

BFJ has extensive experience in providing affordable and workforce housing planning services to communities throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This experience includes the development of affordable and workforce housing solutions for government clients, preparation of housing plans and fair share plans, preparation of implementing ordinances, advisory services and special planning studies, planning support for legal counsel during litigation and settlement negotiations, design and implementation of housing programs, and completion of all required annual reporting for housing programs. Having provided these services to over 40 municipalities in the region as well as for county and state government agencies, BFJ is able to leverage this experience to provide high-quality affordable and workforce housing planning services for our clients.

Continuing Planning Services

BFJ provides ongoing planning assistance and advisory services to the planning staff of many communities. Such services include updating and revising master plans, reviewing site and subdivision plans and environmental assessments, and advising communities on the implementation of planning recommendations.

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