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Real Estate Consulting.

BFJ’s team of planners, fiscal analysts and economists provide a comprehensive range of real estate and development consulting services from individual building feasibility studies to local and county-wide market studies.


Frank Fish, FAICP

Market Analysis

BFJ prepares market analyses for private- and public-sector clients who need to test the feasibility of their real estate projects. The firm also works with financial institutions to help them evaluate the worthiness of proposed projects, including analysis of market supply and demand, and absorption rates.

New Canaan Market and Municipal Facilities Studies →

New Canaan, Connecticut  

Retail and Commercial Revitalization Studies

BFJ has extensive experience in retail and downtown revitalization efforts. This work includes shopper surveys, merchant focus groups, retail market analyses, and the development of downtown revitalization strategies. Retail work includes numerous market and management studies for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and municipalities focused on their downtown or other business areas.

Bartlett Dairy RFEI, CEQR, and ULURP  →

JFK North Site, Springfield Gardens, Queens, New York

Fiscal Analyses

BFJ conducts fiscal analyses of proposed developments to evaluate the cost and revenue implications of the project for municipalities. This includes analysis of the school-children generation for residential development.

Somers Realty Corp. Development Approvals Process   →

Somers, New York

Housing Needs Studies

BFJ prepares housing needs studies, including feasibility studies for assisted care housing and affordable housing studies that address both the need for such housing and techniques for providing it.

Affordable Housing Market Inventory Study →


Development Consulting

BFJ has integrated its real estate and planning components, offering private developers, institutions, and non-profits a range of development consulting services, including evaluating both market and planning potential of specific projects, and representing clients in the development approvals process.

Freightway Site Redevelopment Plan  →

Scarsdale, NY

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