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Transportation Planning.

BFJ has extensive experience and capabilities in the fields of transportation planning and traffic circulation. We perform traffic circulation and impact studies, infrastructure capacity and performance analyses, safety studies, traffic calming studies, parking programs, transit studies, and multi-modal transportation plans, including micro-mobility strategies. Our transportation planners work closely with our land use planners, environmental experts, and economists to provide our clients with integrated transportation solutions.


Georges Jacquemart, PE, FAICP, PP

Traffic Circulation and Impact Studies

Finding safe and sustainable solutions to complex traffic circulation problems has been a major goal for BFJ’s transportation planners. The firm has extensive experience in traffic impact analyses and developing realistic traffic mitigation measures for many types of developments including mixed-use projects. These studies have been undertaken in a wide range of environments from small villages to dense urban areas and covered all modes of transportation.

Route 9W Lane Reconfiguration Plan  →

Marlborough, New York

Campus Transportation Plans

BFJ has developed a widely recognized expertise in transportation planning for campus environments, including Ivy League universities, state universities, community colleges, and corporate campuses. These studies cover traffic circulation recommendations, parking management programs, transit shuttle services, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies, and metrics to measure the impacts of changes.

Princeton University Arts and Transit Neighborhood  →Princeton, New Jersey  

Figure source: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Complete Streets, Road Diets, and Traffic Calming

BFJ understands that streets should be designed to be comfortable, and safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and people with disabilities, as well as motorists. Our approach to creating more friendly streets is context-specific and may include a variety of design interventions to improve safety, while maintaining efficient vehicular movement.

Realignment of U.S. Route 501   →

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Parking Studies and Programs

BFJ provides a range of parking services, including comprehensive parking demand and supply studies, parking management programs, and parking surveys and studies. Shared-parking has been a hallmark of our parking work.

Nyack Parking Study  →

Village of Nyack, New York

Multi-Modal Transportation Planning

BFJ has substantial expertise in multi-modal transportation planning, including integrated transportation systems addressing vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and mass transit needs and efficiencies. Our projects integrate transportation and land use planning into efficient and sustainable communities.

Beacon TOD Transportation Linkages Plan  →

Beacon, New York

Transit Planning and Design

BFJ provides extensive transit and paratransit planning and design services, including data collection, alternative evaluation studies, service assessments of particular lines or entire systems, passenger projections, market studies, costs and revenue estimates, productivity analyses and conceptual designs for stations and terminals

Mobile NR Shuttle Feasibility Study →

New Rochelle, New York  

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

BFJ has extensive experience in the preparation of bicycle and pedestrian studies for public agencies, institutions, and private clients. Our studies include facility and alignment options, demand estimates, safety analyses, and rails-to-trails plans. They integrate cost-effective design solutions into attractive and safe pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

Branford Station TOD  →

Branford, Connecticut

Roundabout Planning and Design

These new circular intersections are a very effective and sustainable traffic control and traffic calming tool. BFJ began advocating for modern roundabouts in the late 1990s, when most traffic engineers saw these circular intersections as problematic. In 1998, the firm wrote the first national publication on modern roundabouts for the Transportation Research Board, National Research Council. Modern roundabouts have been successful in reducing injury crashes at intersections by more than 70 percent and practically eliminating fatalities. BFJ has undertaken numerous roundabout feasibility and performance studies throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Plymouth State University   →

First Modern Roundabout in New Hampshire

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